Peace Research Group at the University of Konstanz

The Peace Research Group is an informal working group of peace researchers and graduate students in the Faculty of Science / Department of Psychology at the University of Konstanz. Various research projects provide the opportunity for bachelor and master theses and doctoral dissertations in Peace Psychology.

Since 1977/78, when it emerged from a research project on "Critical formation of opinion as a basis of conflict resolution", the efforts of the Peace Research Group have been supported by grants from the German Society for Peace and Conflict Research (DGFK), the German Association for Political Education, the German Research Association (DFG), the Nordic Social Science Research Councils (NOS-S), the Austrian Study Center for Peace Research (ASPR), Heinrich-Böll-Foundation, the German Foundation for Peace Research (DSF), the Toda Institute for Global Peace and Policy Research, the Public Diplomacy Division of NATO and the research board of the University of Konstanz (AFF). Main fields of research are conflict communication and constructive transformation of conflicts.

Besides publications in journals and anthologies, the Peace Research Group has published a number of monographs and edited volumes. Wilhelm Kempf is the editor of the peer reviewed journal conflict & communication online, published by @regener (Berlin). Recent theoretical, empirical and methodologigal studies of the Peace Research Group are documented in a series of research bulletins which is provided for free download via the Online Publication System of the University of Konstanz.